UNBROKEN is a black, white, and blood red pulp noir in a war torn town. It is the story of a juvenile sniper that is abandoned and left to defend the homestead. With a shining scene of optimism, this turbulent tale will instill that there is always hope.

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Reviews and Testimonials

I love the raw and gritty nature of the story. There is a lot of action with enough mystery to keep you going. Bax's artwork has that raw, punk rock anesthetic. Everything he draws jumps off of the page and right into your face. One thing that I really love about Unbroken is the story's atmosphere. In a world full of violence and destruction, it is easy to root for the protagonist. ~ Aaron, @effectivenerd, www.EffectiveNerd.com

Unbroken is dark, I mean, obviously as it is a Noir, but the message of hope comes out LOUD and CLEAR. Unbroken simultaneously reminded me of this combination: The Crow (Graphic Novel), The Who's Tommy (Film) in addition to Pan's Labyrinth (Film). I can't but help appreciate the underlying balance. ~ Rania, @cciqpress, www.cciqpress.com

Bax's artwork is phenomenal! It's the kind of comic where you keep going back to study the illustrations over and over again to see things you missed the first time. ~ Dan Jensen, @danjensenmovietalk, and Dan Jensen Movie Talk YouTube Channel

The story is really breathtaking and the art is fascinating. ~ Jeroen, @comic_reviews_antwerp

The art is METAL - it reminds me of Pushead in a way, but Bax has his own style. Storyline is very cinematic. There's intrigue right at the opening pages. ~ John Streit

Unbroken is what it says on the package, black and white pulp noir. The art by Bax is very detailed and gritty, and it captures the violence. ~ @indiecomics_revolution

Visceral, raw and unnerving. A story that draws you into struggle, with illustrations that compliment and enhance the tale. ~ Jeff Crag, @themarkit, www.themarkithva.com

A gritty tale of survival will grab your imagination and take you for a ride. Visually rich and thought-provoking. An ode to survival despite the odds. ~ Mindy G., comic reading Mom of 5

I just read it, then read it again. I'm in love. You guys made something wicked! ~ @blackjackdav3y, amazing artist on Instagram

For fans of Sin City and The Walking Dead! ~ Hunter S., entrepreneur, @championbeer

Kevin Zoldan: Writer

Kevin likes to be called Zoldan. In his free time, he spreads positivity and thinks about what it would be like to be a pirate.


Instagram: @thezold

Bax: Artist

I have been trapped in your dimension since the year One Thousand and Eighty Three. My diet consists of Speedball Super Black Ink and the colour you people call *Neon Green* Please send help...


Instagram: @planet.bax